Perform A Control Solution Test


Kiptrack Control Solution contains a known amount of glucose that reacts with test strips and is used to ensure your meter and test strips are working together correctly.

Do a control solution test when:

  • You first receive the meter
  • At least once a week to routinely check the meter and test strips.
  • You begin using a new vial of test strips
  • You suspect the meter or test strips are not working properly’
  • Your blood glucose test results are not consistent with how you feel, or if you think the results are not accurate
  • Practicing the testing process, or
  • You have dropped or think you may have damaged your meter.



You will need:

1. Meter
2. Test Strip
3. Control Solution

1. Insert the test strip to turn on the meter.


Insert the test strip into the meter. Wait for the meter to display   and

2. Press M to mark this test as a control solution test.

With “QC” displayed, the meter will not store your test results in memory. If you press the M again, the “QC” will disappear and this test is no longer a control solution test.


When doing the control solution test, you have to mark it so that the test result will NOT mix with the blood glucose TEST RESULTS stored in the memory. Failure to do so will mix up the blood glucose test results with the control solution test results in memory.


Shake the control solution vial thoroughly before use. Squeeze out a drop and wipe it off, then squeeze out another drop and place it on the tip of the vial cap. Hold the meter to move the absorbent hole of the test strip to touch the drop. Once the confirmation window fills completely, the meter will begin counting down. To avoid contaminating the control solution, do not directly apply control solution onto a strip.

4. Read and compare the result.

After counting down to ), the control solution test result will appear on the display. Compare this result with the range printed on the test strip vial and it should fall within this range. If not, please read the instructions again and repeat the control solution test.


If you continue to have test results fall outside the range printed on the test strip vial, the meter and strips may not be working properly. DO NOT test your blood. Contact the local customer service of place of purchase for help.


  • The control solution range printed on the test strip vial is for control solution use only. It is not a recommended range for your blood glucose level.
  • See the meter maintenance section for important information about your control solution.