HRA Software

CardioChek® HRA (Health Risk Assessment) Software.

The CardioChek HRA program is designed to capture biometric data transferred directly from a CardioChek PA device linked to a computer. The HRA provides a snapshot of an individual’s health* on a visually appealing and informative report summary page that is easy to understand by both healthcare providers and the participants being screened.

CardioChek HRA Benefits:
• Provides a tangible report for individuals to share with their health care provider
• Perfect for community outreach and corporate health screenings
• Collect lipid, glucose, blood pressure, and body mass index results to gain a snapshot of health
• Aggregate data and customize reports to gain meaningful insight into screening results
• Provides a Cardiac Age representation of an individual’s risk for coronary heart disease

Cardiac Age
Based on the Framingham Heart Study, the HRA provides a representation of an individual’s risk for cardiovascular disease through a Cardiac Age calculation. Risk factors of gender, age, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking, and diabetes are components of Cardiac Age–the desired result is for an individual’s Cardiac Age to be younger than their biological age.

*The health risk assessment readings are not to be used to change your lifestyle, diet, or medical therapy without the consultation and recommendation of your health care provider.